101 Basic Soundtrack


Cuando abrimos en 2006, hicimos un pequeño juego. Escribimos un pequeño texto con los titulos 101 de nuestras canciones favoritas que formaban nuestra discoteca basica en ese momento.

Este es el texto, encuentra las nuestras o buscas las tuyas pero en estas lineas hay un monton de grande titulos

Here I am, I have travelled the whole wide world, I have spent 10.000 sunny days watching 10.000 American scuba divers dancing under a marquee moon, I have spend 7 days without love drinking black coffee in bed, while waiting for alibi, I have danced on the ballrooms of Mars all day and all of the night where I knew you would find me thinking that’s what life is all about;

I have bought yellow pills with the class of 88 because I was tired of waking up tired, and maybe you don’t wanna know but I have also been behind that door where I felt like I own the world while Gloria was killing me with kindness;

And when the zero hour came I prayed, in the company of strait dogs, to discover the meaning of the blues and of the sign of the times so Missy ended promising whatever you want to my empty heart, but maybe I asked too much, too little, too late, or too soon because the only answer I received was 8675309;

I went to China with love and came back to a new England, whishing I were almost with you in an alternative Ulster searching for the spirit of Australia, being my final destination Zululand (Humdiddlededumhoowahayha) just to hear you say “Uh-oh” with all the other 52’ girls that thought that you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties;

I have been on a trampoline with a psycho killer who had Gary Gilmore’s eyes and that seriously believes he was my perfect cousin but all the underground hearts knew he only was the son of Jamie Jones and David Watts;

I have tear up this town every time I had a personality crisis but the time Coleen and Mary Provost join me I really told myself this is the end of the world as we know it;

I was behind the wall of sleep, saying sorry to myself and remembering that she was dancing in a lesbian bar, when you find out that I wanna see you dance again, and as you ask me can we go dancing? I knew that today your love, tomorrow the world;

I have spend this perfect day playing a game called chess with millennium man, who looked a little mongoloid, and I ended as the most beautiful loser in town but I do not care because I know I am her freak;

Yes, I was so overloaded when I found a blister in the Sun that I almost confessed what I like about you but if you can’t lie, how do you tell someone: your girlfriends?, so I have to say some big white lies (but there must be a word to answer properly);

I have spend all my yesterdays with the witch but I don’t mind because she made me fell good when she told me you are precious just 5 minutes before I had to say her here comes your man, and to myself there she goes;

So when you destroy our love, something good girls don’t do, I had to look the back of my hands before looking into the future to see if I will be back in your arms again, but then she came on and I fell the earth move under my feet because I knew she would leave the biker, something I had wait a millions years for, so now and I can’t pretend that I miss you, baby.

And now I have just found another girl, another planet, I am not lost anymore I know a place were everything is all pop, no star; and I guess I can say that I have something to believe in, yes, as it sounds: something to believe in;

But instead I’ll say wait until tonight when, instead of welcome to the working week, you will hear welcome to my world as you came into the Wunderbar; sorry, of course, I mean into

“Wurlitzer Ballroom”

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